King's College Chapel, Cambridge

King’s College Chapel from the Backs, Cambridge


Somewhat later than advertised, I thought I should put some News and Views on here. I am a photographer based in Cambridge in the United Kingdom and this site is primarily aimed at my clients. However this section, News and Views, includes some short, factual pieces that range over a broad range of subjects but all have some connection to photography or the use of images and so may be helpful to non-clients.

Some Housekeeping Points

A quick point on accuracy. Accuracy is a moot point on the Internet – just search Google for “fake news.” Even the articles on fake news contain inaccuracies. We will try to be accurate, especially on such matters as technical specs, for example on “recommended” pixel counts for photographs for social media platforms. However, these occasionally change and become outdated. We will try to keep on top of this but… Pieces are always dated with publication dates so if something looks wrong and is some time since it was published then it probably is out-of-date. We will also provide links to sources that we use so that you too can travel down the rabbit holes of Internet based research. We also use our local libraries (there are hundreds in Cambridge and full of extraordinarily helpful people).

Pieces are categorised into subject areas and estimates are given as to how long they might take to read. This is based on the average reading time of 125 words per minute. Hopefully, this is useful.

Finally, all the pictures are copyright Howard Guest unless otherwise stated. See Copyright. We will seek permission (at the very least) to use other people’s pictures and (if appropriate) pay a fee for the permitted use and we will credit them. This is polite, honourable and legal.

…and Welcome