Why You Must Use Images

Because you can
Because you should
Because you must

We all need to use images and photographs. Our attention is immediately grabbed by images. There’s enough research on the Internet to support this claim but to demonstrate this hypothesis compare current magazine covers to an early twentieth century newspaper (above) and the point is clear. We like images. They’re everywhere and for good reasons. Words matter but pictures have immediate impact. We very quickly distil information in images – far, far quicker than reading. Although, the information that is distilled may not be the intended message.

Just to see off the “because you can and should” headings. All platforms allow you to upload pictures – “all” is such a bold claim but you know what I mean. “Should” is a little more difficult. It’s a sort of piggy-in-the-middle. Uploading pictures, can be a bore, especially if you have to find something suitable. A not uncommon scenario is that you have something important to say but then can’t find the right picture. It’s time consuming and therefore easy to skip. We’ve all been there. You know you should add a picture but…

Must Use Photographs

However, the arguments for Must are compelling. Images result in more:

The Return on Effort might be significantly higher if you use images.

Here are some (distilled) reasons based on other peoples’ research.

  • Engagement rates per post on LinkedIn are higher with images1
  • Visually oriented content increases the medium number of likes1
  • We react to images in as little as 13 milliseconds2
  • Bounce rates in an article are scary3

Matters arising (which are/will be dealt with elsewhere)

Use Pictures Wisely
Establishing Shot
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